Kerk aangevallen in solidariteit met Monica en Francisco [GR]

“In de vroege uren van 8 december 2016 beslisten we om de kerk van de profeet Elijah in Olympiados-straat in Thessaloniki (Griekenland) aan te vallen door zijn inkom en het interieur in brand te steken. Deze daad was in solidariteit met de anarchistische gevangenen Mónica Caballero en Francisco Solar, die beschuldigd worden van een explosieve aanval op de El Pilar kathedraal in Zaragoza (Spanje) op 2 oktober 2013. In feite zijn er die periode veel aanvallen geweest op de katholieke kerk van Spanje omwille van diens bereidheid om de toegang tot abortus te limiteren.”

De rest van het communiqué, in het Engels :

Every religion is our enemy. It sustains the status quo, pacifying the society with norms that later become laws. It bases its power on believers’ hopes of a future afterlife, stifling any desire for insurgency today, in the here and now. It justifies war based on cultural differences that religion itself has created.

This is also the role of the church in Greece’s contemporary reality, and beyond. Its all-powerful political role is exercised by its fascist, patriotic, xenophobic rhetoric, always in tandem and direct relation with politicians, cops, judges and journalists.

At the same time it is well-known that the church is constantly trying to expand its economic hegemony and immeasurable wealth, which rests on the possession of huge tracts of land, buildings, etc. With a view to obtaining profits by means of speculation, it sets up a charitable façade which has nothing to do with reality.

Finally, it has a huge social and cultural influence, being a pillar of the patriarchal system. It promotes (both externally and internally) heteronormativity, homophobia, and rape culture in its entirety. Its position on the place of women, sexuality or abortion is indicative of its stance on many such issues.

Solidarity with anarchists held captive in prisons.


Deels vertaald en overgenomen van

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