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Achtergrondinfo is te vinden onder ‘campagnes’ – ‘Bankonteigening Aken’.

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Munich :

On the night of Thursday 9.3.17 the branch of the stadtsparkasse bank got vandalized with some stones and paint. love and strength to the anarchists that are accused of bankrobbery in Aachen!

Barcelona :

On the night of January 28, we burned two vehicles of the company Prosegur near their headquarters in the Bellvitge neighborhood of Hospitalet. We do not think it necessary to justify this attack on these wretched guard dogs.

To carry out this action we have resorted to an old, well known method used by anarchists. The device consists of a small bottle filled with gasoline, a wick with some matches  around it.

We want with this little gesture to send all our love and strength to the anarchists accused  of having expropriated a bank in Aachen and who have been on trial since January 23rd.

Long live anarchy !!

Barcelona :

On the night of February 24th (14?), we attacked a bank branch of the Deutsche Bank on the rambla del poblenou, breaking the cashmachine and the windows.

It is an action in solidarity with the imprisoned anarchists in
Aachen who are at the moment facing trial.
For the extension of solidarity and direct action in all its forms.

Fire to all prisons.
Death to the State and long live anarchy.

Mexico :

At dawn on February 2nd of this year, we placed a device right in the middle of two ATMs at the CitiBanamex branch located on the corner of Axis 10 South and Xocoyoacán street, causing total destruction to both machines with the money inside them burned. The branch will apparently be closed for several weeks.

Citigroup is the largest representation of disgusting imperialism. The banks, the sanctuaries of Capital. And us, the consequence of its disgusting system. Every day more conscious and connected to the struggle for freedom.

As for us, we stand in solidarity with the imprisoned compañeras in Germany and the compañeros Luis Fernando Sotelo and Fernando Bársenas.

Neither guilty nor innocent!
Prisoners of war, to the street!
Let the walls of the prisons burn!

Against the State, Capital and all forms of authority.

Night Cats & Evil Sorcerers Incendiary Cell FAI-FRI

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